Phoenix Global Academy

Management Team

The Founding Partners and Trainers – Initial Assumptions and Agreements:

  • Dr. Ed L. Hansen, Executive Leadership Systems
  • Shohrab Hossain

PGA Bangladesh Management Team:-

  • Dr. Ed L. Hansen
  • Shohrab Hossain
  • Sabina Yeasmin
  • Dr. Aynul Islam
  • Manzurul Haque

The International Founding Partners (IFP) Group consists of the US FPG and:

  • Shohrab Hossain
  • Shenoy Robinson

PGA (US) is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in accordance with the laws of the US State of Arizona. In the International arena, corporate structures will be established in consideration of the laws of the country in which the Country Manager operates his or her business.