Management Team

The Founding Partners and Trainers – Initial Assumptions and Agreements

Initially, five parties, with their entities, have committed to being the United States (US) Founding Partners Group (FPG) of PGA. These parties are:

  • Ed Hansen, Executive Leadership Systems
  • Shohrab Hossain
  • Matt Hart, Millennium Image
  • Ben Richie
  • Charlsea Hansen
  • Carl Bryon

The International Founding Partners (IFP) Group consists of the US FPG and:

  • Shohrab Hossain
  • Shenoy Robinson

PGA (US) will be a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in accordance with the laws of the US State of Arizona. In the International arena, corporate structures will be established in consideration of the laws of the country in which the Country Manager operates his or her business.


New Partners

Other partners will be added as the organizational structure evolves. There has been no Cash Call, other Partners can still be added to the FPG (or one or more of the initial FPG may withdraw).

For the purposes of this Business Plan (BP), the following persons are potential New Partners, who may effectively be part of the US FPG.

  • Mark Tozzio, HPPD, Inc.
  • Mike Goza
  • Cori DiSimone
  • Rich Feller
  • George Swan
  • Shelby Kutty
  • Mike Enriquez
  • Patrick Cooper

Named parties need only opt-in at their discretion before the LLC structure is set. From those who opt-in, a Managing Partners Team will be identified.

It is also understood that the Founding Partners might elect to add other new Partners for any number of reasons. It is agreed that adding Partners will only occur by mutual agreement of the Founding Partners and that, further, any dilution of initial (or subsequently adjusted) Founding Partner’s ownership shares to create shares for any new Partner will occur only by mutual agreement of the Founding Partners.