Phoenix Global Academy

Our Mission

“What’s in a Name?

The name of our company was very carefully decided upon. The Founding Partners (FP) began consideration of a name that made sense from an awareness of and commitment to the Mission Statement:

“To create exceptional leaders, managers and staff professionals through practical education and training that produces measurable performance improvement results.”

We really want to provide the highest quality training at the greatest value. More important, we want the training we provide to have immediate application effect. We want it to be a rapid catalyst causing leaders, managers and staff to see themselves, their company, their jobs and even the world differently even while in the training. From the moment they complete our training, we want them performing better than they have before. We want them to transcend any limitations they saw in themselves, in their situations, and in their relationships. We want to provide the practical training and personal development to make them immediately more powerful as professionals and as human beings.

We want to be the “go to” resource for all training needs whether we are talking about serving individuals or companies, conducting informal in-house trainings or delivering formal education through recognized academic institutions. We don’t want to exist in any one country; we want to have extensions of our company in as many locations and countries as possible. We want to provide training and education in all aspects of leadership and management, not just in a few niches. We don’t want to copy others; we want to lead from the front. When people have questions about leadership, management, business function and process, and even support in performing them, we want them think of us first.

So, we sought to bring all this together in a name. We are PHOENIX GLOBAL ACADEMY. Our tagline is: “Practical Training. Exponential Results.” You can call us “Phoenix Global” or “The Phoenix Academy” or just the PGA.

So what’s in our name?

The Phoenix – The Phoenix is a mythical bird. Its origins go back to Egypt, before the time of the Pharaohs. The bird represented the Exceptional Man. Such a man faced the challenges life placed before him. These challenges were the fire that threatened him. Instead of being destroyed by the fire he was transformed by it. He rose from the flames more powerful and magnificent than ever before. The Phoenix was tempered and made stronger by what utterly destroyed others. It did not flee the fire; it used the fire to its ends. Our clients are the Phoenix, their challenges the flames. Our training is what makes the flames not those of destruction but those of experience, opportunity and rejuvenation, maybe even rebirth.

The mythical story of the Phoenix exists in, at least, sixteen different cultures around the world. In all cultures, the Phoenix represents rebirth (rising above the hardships of life), longevity and the exceptional person. The word for “Phoenix” is Phoenix in more than forty different languages.

Global refers to more than the world and the countries that cover it. Yes, we do want to be present and powerful in as many places as possible and practical. But “Global” means so much more. It refers to encompassing the whole of something. PGA will provide training and education in every aspect of leadership and management. We will focus on leadership and management in business, but we’ll not ignore the fact that leadership and management occurs in every aspect of life and nothing occurs in isolation. We’ll train and educate using the global array of methods, as any might make the most sense. We’ll teach one-to-one, in small groups and large groups, in private and public settings, using talks, seminars, presentations and formal speaking engagements. We’ll train and we’ll educate, going so far as to create formal relationships with teaching institutions who can accredit what we develop and deliver on their behalf. We will do it all, on our own and in conjunction with other institutions of like commitment.

Academy was a word that the Founding Partners agreed is essential to the name of our company. An Academy is comprised of authorities and leaders in a field of scholarship, art, business and more who are often permitted to dictate standards, prescribe methods and criticize new ideas. Academies are seedbeds of new and evolving thought in a particular discipline. That is what we propose to be with respect to leadership and management.

We trust you now understand what’s in our name and the commitment it reflects.

Vision Statement –

By 2021, The Phoenix Global Academy  (PGA) will be the largest provider of practical leadership, management and sales professional training for US and International companies that do not maintain in-house Staff Training and Development components and/or for companies who value unbiased, out-sourced practical, experiential learning as a vehicle for rapid-cycle performance improvement of individuals and the organisation overall”

What We Sell

PGA focuses its products and services in the areas of:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Organisational Development and Improvement

Product and Service Lines Include:

  • On-Site Training and Development
  • Large Group Trainings
  • Seminars (General)
  • Seminars (Custom Design)
  • On-Line Education and Training
  • Video Library
  • Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Development Consultation
  • Business Development Consultation
  • Organizational Re-engineering Consultation

PGA uses a systems and processes model based on the Five Core Management Systems inherent to all organizations. All PGA AC and AT are oriented to this Model. These systems are:

  • Customer
  • Systems One – Product & Service Delivery
  • System Two – Human Resources Management
  • System Three – Support Services Management
  • System Four – Administrative Management System
  • System Five – Financial Management System

In virtually all work done with companies, PGA Consultants (any of whom can be an Associate Trainer) use the following assessment protocol.

  • Situation As Is – SWOT Systems Assessment
  • Situation As It Should Be – Desired Future Condition of Systems
  • Action Plan Development – GAP Analysis & Response
  • Action Implementation & Monitoring – Project Management and Facilitation
  • Project Summation and Closure – PGA provides Closure Status Report
  • Follow-up and Review – PGA follows up as requested by the customer

PGA provides an Organisational Development, Improvement and Reinvention product called Strategic Conversation. This product is provided only by PGA principals and AC who have been trained in the application of the Ten Step Process.

Who We Sell To

PGA markets it products and services within the United States (locally, regionally and nationally). It does so through its owned offices, through closely supported franchises and through selected affiliations. It also provides products and services internationally through franchises and affiliations. Some international franchises may be owned and operated by owners and Board members of the parent PGA in the United States.