Phoenix Global Academy

Phoenix Global Academy(PGA) Trainings-2020

Phoenix Global Academy is committed to providing its clients/customers “Practical Training. Exponential Results.” All of Trainings, whether provided face-to-face, on video, or via Internet are designed to provide immediate Return on Investment (ROI) in the form of personal and professional performance improvement. Trainings are delivered in formats which put useable leadership, management, sales and personal development tools in the hands of participants for application during the Trainings or immediately thereafter.

In Calendar Year 2020, PGA is offering the following Trainings. These Trainings have been designed to be conducted in the form of Function in Fives, which is the Unique Selling Point (USP) for PGA products and services. All PGA original products and services are constructed and delivered in “Fives”: Five Training Objectives, Five Teaching Points, Five Supporting Elements for each Teaching Point, Five Functional Take-Always. We believe Training in this manner makes the information easier to present, easier to retain in memory and easier to apply in action.

PGA Training are also design to be presented in two-hour “Introductions”, in one-day (six hour) comprehensive workshops, or as two-day (twelve hours) “Masters” Courses. These are essentially the same courses provided in increasing level of detail, with more practical application exercises. PGA is also developing many of these courses in the Nano-learning format. These training are constructed as Threads provided over the Internet. Threads are sets of Training Nuggets. Nuggets are freestanding Teaching points of five-minutes in length.

A Thread usually contains between five and twenty Nuggets. PGA Academy Club members (from around the world) can access “Threaded” PGA Trainings at their convenience.

Executive Leadership Systems (ELS) Licensed Courses
  1. Strategic Conversation – Planning for the 21st Century
  2. The Inquiry Question Set – The World’s Best Leadership and Management Tool
  3. The Five Core Management Systems – Inventing and Reinventing Your Business or Organization
Health and Health Care Service Delivery
  1. Systems-Thinking in Hospitals and Health Systems – Five Steps to Reinventing Our Systems for the 21st Century
  2. Using Data and Information to Manage Program Development – How to Use Existing Data to Make Better Decisions
  3. New Leadership in Health Care Organizations – Retooling Leadership and Management for the 21st Century
  4. Population Health Management (PHM) – A Concept with International Application for Improving Community Health Status
  5. Workplace Wellness – Five Steps to Real “Wellness” and Enhanced Employee Performance
  6. Tribal Leadership in Hospitals and Health Systems – You Already Have Tribes In-House, Build on Them
Business Development and Communications
  1. Training-To-Train – A Five-Step Process for Training Employees and Those You Supervise in Almost Anything
  2. Everyday Policies, Procedures and Protocols – A Five-Step Process for Writing Practical PPPs – Anyone Can Do This!
  3. Effective Business Writing – It Still Matters – A Five-Step Process for Developing Written Business Communications
  4. Developing Effective Professional Presentations – The PGA Five-Step Process for Powerful PowerPoint and Executive Briefs
  5. Workplace Communications – How “Everything Maters, Everything Speaks” and Why Communication, Relationship and Trust (CRT) Makes a Difference
Human Resources Management
  1. Human Capital: Your Most Important Asset. Are You Making The Most of It? – Five Steps to Exploding the Value of Your Human Capital
  2. The Five Critical HR Functions – What Matters Most? – Five-Steps to A Perfect Human Resources Management Systems
  3. What You Employees Really Need To Know – The Right Orientation Makes For The Right Performance
Leadership and Management
  1. Right Way Leadership – “There Ain’t No Right Way to Do the Wrong Thing.” – An exploration of: Doing the Right Things, in the Right Way, for the Right Reasons, at the Right Time, with the Right Resources, for the Right People, at the Right
  2. The Leader as Coach – A New Model for Leading in the 21st Century