Phoenix Global Academy


About Phoenix Global Academy (PGA)

Phoenix Global Academy (PGA) was established in 2015 by experienced business leaders, managers, and sales professionals to provide developing and established business leaders, managers, sales professionals, and line staff with truly practical education and training in key areas essential to their success and the success of the companies for whom they work.

The distinguishing characteristic of PGA is a commitment to experiential learning at a practical and immediately applicable level. There is a place for extensive theory related to leadership, management, and sales. However, PGA is committed to providing leaders, managers, sales professionals, and line staff with practical strategies and tactics, backed by equally practical application tools, to improve personal professional performance and to excel in their duties, roles and responsibilities immediately following participation in our education and training modules.

We are practical, action-centered, results-oriented trainers.
To accomplish this mission, PGA maintains a cadre of experienced leaders, managers, and sales professionals who are also PGA trainers. PGA trainers develop practical educational and training modules based on their body of personal experience, the aggregated experience of our total Trainers Team, and the broader network of professionals with whom they have worked, directly or indirectly, across their professional careers

What We Sell

PGA focuses its products and services in the areas of:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Organizational Development and Improvement

Product and Service Lines Include:

  • On-Site Training and Development
  • Large Group Trainings
  • Seminars (General)
  • Seminars (Custom Design)
  • On-Line Education and Training
  • Video Library
  • Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Development Consultation
  • Process Improvement Consultation
  • Business Development Consultation
  • Organizational Re-engineering Consultation

PGA uses a systems and processes model based on the Five Core Management Systems inherent to all organizations. All PGA AC and AT are oriented to this Model. These systems are:


  • Systems One – Product & Service Delivery
  • System Two – Human Resources Management
  • System Three – Support Services Management
  • System Four – Administrative Management System
  • System Five – Financial Management System

In virtually all work done with companies, PGA Consultants (any of whom can be an Associate Trainer) use the following assessment protocol:

  • Situation As Is – SWOT Systems Assessment
  • Situation As It Should Be – Desired Future Condition of Systems
  • Action Plan Development – GAP Analysis & Response
  • Action Implementation & Monitoring – Project Management and Facilitation
  • Project Summation and Closure – PGA provides Closure Status Report
  • Follow-up and Review – PGA follows up as requested by the customer

PGA provides an Organizational Development, Improvement and Reinvention product called Strategic Conversation. This product is provided only by PGA principals and AC who have been trained in the application of the Ten Step Process.

Who We Sell To

PGA markets it products and services within the United States (locally, regionally and nationally). It does so through its owned offices, through closely supported franchises and through selected affiliations. It also provides products and services internationally through franchises and affiliations. Some international franchises may be owned and operated by owners and Board members of the parent PGA in the United States.

Financial Summary

PGA has been functionally designed to incur as little start-up and operations cost as practical. This commitment was under undertaken to support maximum participation by persons who it was felt would contribute greatly to the ramp up and rapid growth of the company. It is purposely a “low cost of entry” company. Its evolution is largely predicated on “sweat equity”. Invited owners will create the products and service to hold down development costs. Products and services will be initially developed and sold on a Just In Time (JIT) basis. As client/customers define the need and want, GPS will provide the response.

GPS will use an Independent Contractor model. We will pay Associates for the work they do when they do it. To contain costs, owners/partners will initially provide as much Trainer and Consultant service as possible. Outside Trainers and Consultants will be used only as the demands of the client/customers and the limitations of our inherent expertise dictate.

Using this approach, we expect to break even on operations and Net Profit in Year One. Our average Gross Margin will be 65-70% in each of our first three years. Our Net Profit on that Gross Margin will increase year-on-year from zero to ten (10) percent to twenty (20) percent