About PGA

To create exceptional leaders, managers and staff professionals through practical education and training that produces measurable performance improvement results.”

The Phoenix Global Academy (PGA) was established in 2015 by experienced business leaders, managers and sales professionals to provide developing and established business leaders, managers and sales professionals, and line staff truly practical education and training in key areas essential to their success and the success of the companies for whom they work.

The distinguishing characteristic of PGA is a commitment to experiential learning at a practical and immediately applicable level. There is a place for extensive theory related to leadership, management, and sales. However, PGA is committed to providing leaders, managers, sales professionals and line staff practical strategies and tactics, backed by equally practical application tools, to improve personal professional performance and to excel in their duties, roles and responsibilities immediately following participation in our education and training modules.

We are practical, action-centered, results-oriented trainers.

To accomplish this mission, PGA maintains a cadre of experienced leaders, managers and sales professional who are also PGA trainers. PGA trainers develop practical educational and training modules based on their body of personal experience, the aggregated experience of our total Trainers Team and the broader network of professionals with whom they have worked, directly or indirectly, across their professional careers